Angel Healing with Melissa

Reconnect to the Light Within

How do we do this?  By remembering our union with source.

You are meant to love yourself and appreciate yourself feeling peace and joy.

Do you know what an amazing gift you are to the world and how loved you are by source?

My mission is to support you with spiritual insights and healings.

These sessions allow for a deeper connection to source and your Angels.

Learn how to connect with your Angels too. Download your free ebook “10 Ways to Communicate with Angels in Everyday Life” and receive the skills to tap into your Angels, your truth and your souls wisdom.

Benefits of a Spiritual Reading

Experience a deeper
connection with source.
Remove fear and
judgements that bind you.

Understand the difference between the thinking self and the spiritual self.

Do you have nagging thoughts that invalidate you?

Are you having trouble trusting yourself?

Or are you feeling overwhelmed?

What does a Session with me entail?

A spiritual reading gives insight into the immortal part of you and how it relates to you today.

Spiritual healing during a session releases fear and judgement of self that weigh you down.

Please email me below.
I would love to support you.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you were absolutely in tune with what I needed. When you hold such a safe space magic happens.  You are a gift.


Melissa connected with my heart with a loving, supportive, nurturing energy that’s why I’ve been healing. She helped me move toward the lightness of source.

Diane Ho-Lung

I am beyond grateful for the spot on essential messages I received.  Melissa’s gifts are profound.

Amy Halberg

Author, story coach & book writing mentor

I had a beautiful session with Melissa and it included a past life ancestral trauma  experience.  She did a wonderful job guiding me in a beautiful space to release pain.


The conversation was healing and wonderful.

Linda Lang

Thank you so much for today Melissa.  It was beautiful, powerful and emotional.  You have a gift.


Creative Writer


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Healing sessions are for guidance only and do not replace medical or professional help. By viewing this website you understand that Angel Healing/ Shamanic Work is an alternative non-licensed therapy and does not replace licensed medical or psychological treatment. Information received is in no way to diagnose or cure medical or psychological conditions. The guidance is offered to help assist the individual and it is their responsibility to seek proper medical help if needed.

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