Angel Healing with Melissa


Do you know what an amazing gift you are to the world?
Did you know that you have everything you need inside of you right now?
Did you know Angels are always available for you?
My mission is to empower you…
Are you ready?
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Benefits of Angel Healing

Receive insight, healing, and channeled messages from spirit. Transformation happens easily with Angels.

Release old negative patterns weighing you down. Anchor in the power of the present moment.

Connect with your own Angelic team. Learn to trust your own brilliance by tapping into the wisdom of your own soul.

Schedule a Session

A 50 minute session is tailored to the individual’s specific needs and goals. Individual sessions are done by Zoom.

Energy healing does not have to be in person and can be quite effective. Angel healing allows a person to remember their true abundant self.

Session pricing:

50 minutes $295.00


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About Me


When I was 22 years old an angel saved my life. I was deeply moved by this experience and began a journey to understand what had happened to me and why. I have come to understand that this is a big question but angels and guides are always with us to help, guide and support us. I was traditionally training in the counseling field where I worked for several years, always eager to learn more about the spirit realm so began studying alternative therapies. It was when I completed a Shamanic Practitioner program 12 years ago that I began to develop my sensitivity to angels further. Helping others using my gift has been the most powerful form of healing I can offer. This form of healing helps you remember and come home to your true amazing self, deal with past trauma, emotional issues and negative and limiting beliefs.

Disclaimer Statement:

Healing sessions are guidance only and do not replace medical or  professional help. By viewing this website you understand that Angel Healing/ Shamanic Work is an alternative non-licensed therapy and does not replace licensed medical or psychological treatment.  Information received is in no way to diagnose or cure medical or psychological conditions. The guidance is offered to help assist the individual and it is their responsibility to seek proper medical help if needed.

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