Angel Healing with Melissa

About Melissa

There is no greater joy than remembering your own light

Melissa Basque portrait

Melissa Basque is a clairvoyant and a healer who uses her abilities to frame her work with understanding, compassion and acceptance.  She has been working as a spiritual healer for over 18 years.

Melissa started work in the Counseling field and completed a Masters degree program in 1999 in Rehabilitation Counseling and a CAGS in 2011 in Mental Health Counseling, working with individuals with mental health and physical disabilities.  She trained in shamanic studies and completed a two-year program in 2006.   However, she is now called to her spiritual path as an empath.

At the age of 22 she became aware of her connection to the unseen world, specifically an angel saved her life. She questioned this experience and doubted it enormously causing her to begin looking deeper within and to seek a deeper connection with source.

She focuses on bringing forgiveness, acceptance, and gratitude to people. Helping people release the blocks they have which keeps them from their own truth, self -love and acceptance.  She provides a safe place with enormous compassion for others so that each person remembers their true self.