Angel Healing with Melissa

The Thinking Mind

Do you feel overwhelmed in the moment?

Like your mind is constantly racing and you must listen to it.

Unhelpful thoughts are getting in the way of you making progress.

Do you believe the negative thoughts are true?

Guess what?

You are not your thoughts. And you will never be your thoughts.

You are a beautiful presence underneath the racing thoughts.
Be the observer watching the thoughts.
That observer is your immortal spirit, your true self, your eternal essence and your light.

It is your truth, your home and the place of creating everything you wish.

Step Forward

That process of racing thoughts followed by doing, doing and doing is like being non-stop on a hamster wheel-and it can get us hooked!

This relentless process happens when our mind keeps us in a state of fear and disillusionment. Why? Because we believe the thoughts. We have to begin to train our mind towards compassion, gratitude and forgiveness versus constant negativity.

When you realize you are the navigator and do not have to follow your mind’s thoughts, you can take control of where you go. You can begin to tap into your true self.

In this place of present-moment awareness, you are not focused on the past or the future. You can be creative and feel joy and love for yourself and others.  Bringing yourself back to the present moment is often a straightforward process once you understand how.

STOP racing thoughts and become present.

Let’s uncover and release the lies that stem from deep-rooted thoughts and energy patterns from the past and clear them.  Releasing the energetic and emotional attachment will help free you from their grip to access the beautiful present moment.

Step forward and create joy and peace in your life using simple tools, your inner wisdom and beauty.